One Tree Planted with Purchase

Monday morning mantra 04.12.2021

Today I appreciate

the wind on my face

the sound of wind chimes ringing in the air

the morning sun rise

the coffee in this cup

the air I breathe in

which powers my being.


Today I appreciate

the awareness of my cells

to use oxygen,

to create energy,

to fuel my heart beat

to pump Life to

and through

my entire body.


Today I appreciate my body

for allowing me

to have this experience,

to taste delicious food

in the comfort

of my home,

to smell perfumed flowers

as I walk through the park,

to hold the hand of my love

in the precious evening moments

to enjoy seeing the cherished smiles

that light up my being,

to hear the laughter of my little one

which lets my heart sing.


Today I appreciate this moment.



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