plant the seed: 7 Habits to cultivate Lifelong Success

Get Happy + Laugh More + Live Better

Plant the Seed is rooted in the habits of highly successful people including comedians, musicians, innovators, and medical doctors. Among them are notable figures like Amy Schumer, Dave Grohl, Steve Jobs, and many more.

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Plant the Life-Changing Seeds of Success in your Garden of Life

→ 7 habits in 7 days
1 bonus habit
→ Easy to implement
→ Practical application
→ Stories from Yogis to rockstars

Consciously cultivating these happiness habits leads to inevitable success. Nourish these seedlings and enjoy the fruit of abundance and prosperity.

"Thoughts are the invisible substance that precipitates form."

Who is this workshop for?

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Anyone who wants to live intentionally rather than living in a world created by others’ limited thinking. You’ll continue living your life while incorporating simple micro-habits to achieve your heart’s desires.

10 Ways You'll Flourish

  1. Attain success through small daily habits.
  2. Nurture your mental and physical well-being.
  3. Gain clarity on your priorities.
  4. Optimize your efforts resulting in enhanced productivity.
  5. Stay focused by thoughtfully minimizing distractions.

6. Foster a culture of kindness personally & professionally.
7. Integrate your Higher Self into every day life.
8. Develop mental concentration skills.
9. Train your mind to shape your future with intention.
10. Unleash untapped resources to enrich your life.

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