Plant the Seed, 100 years later 7 habits
to Cultivate
Lifelong Success

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Workshop Preview

Start Small
Start Where You Are
“The Day you Plant the Seed
is not the day you eat the fruit.”
– Fabienne Fredrickson

Day 1
Above +Smile at Someone
Below +Believe to See

Day 2
Above +Do One Thing
Below +Think From the End

Day 3
Above +Breathe 3x day
Below +Silence the Noise

Day 4
 Above +Imperfect is “I’m Perfect”
Below +Embrace the Process

Day 5
 Above +“No,” period.
Below +Focus on Wanted

Day 6
 Above +Choose Your Words
Below +Revise the Day

Day 7
 Above +Let Go
Below +Fall Asleep in the Feeling

Above +Live Your Life
Below +Naturally

This course has two levels, above ground and below the surface, notated in each chapter as Above and Below.

The habit above ground is what you see, the plant the flower the fruit, the reality, physical action. Then there is the second level, the deeper, unseen seed hidden beneath the surface. Each daily habit nourishes the seed planted, listed in italics under each day.

What you see above is a reflection or a result of what is below. This truth can alter the way you see the world. It helps you know where to focus, how to work on yourself internally to see your outer world blossom.

The seeds offered in this workshop collaboratively address the whole self, the 4 systems of you: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The mind and body are intertwined, physical with non-physical. It’s not one or the other. This is a holistic approach to success.

Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who wants to cultivate a successful, happy life personally and professionally. To live intentionally rather than living in a world created by others’ limited thinking. You’ll continue living your life while incorporating simple micro-habits to achieve your heart’s desires.

Grow mindful habits

7 day mindfulness workshop: Plant the Seed, 100 Years Later

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Plant the Life-Changing Seeds in your Garden of Life

→ 1 new habit a day
→ 7 habits in 7 days
→ 1 bonus habit
→ Easy to incorporate
→ Practical action

Consciously cultivating these habits will develop and grow humanity into loving, successful, and whole human beings. Nourish the seedlings and watch them take root with intentional consistent practice.

"Thoughts are the invisible substance that precipitate form."

You are all that you want and more. Love, Source

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