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Love, source book cover

40 Source-inspired snippets
to nourish your soul

Connect with your Intuitive Self through this collection of poems from Infinite Intelligence

Shift to Abundance

3 simple habits to shift to abundance in all areas of your life. They are the precursor to Plant the Seed, 7 Habits to Cultivate Lifelong Success.

Achieve your greatest desires by implementing happiness habits into your daily routine.

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Plant the Seed: 7 Habits to Cultivate Lifelong Success

Above + Below

  1. Smile This Way + Believe to See
  2. Do One Thing + Think FROM the End
  3. Breathe 3 x Day + Silence the Noise
  4. Imperfect is “I’m Perfect” + Embrace the Process
  5. “No,” period + Focus on Wanted
  6. Choose Your Words + Create Coincidences
  7. Let Go + Fall Asleep in the Feeling
  8. Bonus: Live Your Life + Naturally