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Lovely to Meet You

Lauren wearing hat and workout clothes

One of my favorite pastimes! Building a booty at home! (Smiling at baby and doggie who are hanging out of course, haha!)

The long story is that this journey started about 20 years ago, when I was powerlifting at 20 years old. To counteract the strain I was putting on my spine every week, I decided to give yoga a try.

In my first class, I remember that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the silliness. Everyone else seemed so Zen and immersed in the practice, and there I was, giggling. When I realized I was the only one laughing, I promptly shut my mouth and joined in.

I remember the yoga instructor telling us to “send our breath” to different body parts, internally and externally. I didn’t understand what she meant, “send my breath”? I tried anyway, and then I understood.  

Within three months, I was calmer, more focused, less reactive, and the stress in my body seemed to melt away. Little did I know that the instructor had planted the seed of awareness within me.

It took another 15 years for that seed to sprout and start growing. Now, I know the incredible capabilities we all possess. We all have latent “super human” powers available to us. Your job is to decide to use them.

Like physical fitness, you get to do the work. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could work out for you? Haha, I actually love being physical, and I might even be the person who would work out for others if that were possible.

I digress. Back to this current reality! La Vida Lorena is here as your resource to effectively integrate your Higher Self into your life. We provide the mental and physical happiness habits that enable you to realize your dream life.

i really love sweaty hiit workouts, sitting under gian t oak trees, fresh flowers, quality coffee

In My Past Life

I Was A

Wine Nerd

  • Bachelor of Science in Enology, Fresno (winemaking)
  • 2009 Harvest, Healdsburg, CA
  • CSW

Bikini Competitor

bikini fitness competitor backstage
  • 12 week transformation
  • 12% body fat
  • I did not place but this was a great learning experience
  • My coach made my suit, designed my diet, posing, and stage presence
  • Bucket list item


  • 132 lb. weight class
  • 20 year-old jr. division
  • 330 lb Squat
  • 170 lb Bench Press
  • 313 lb Deadlift
powerlifting squat

Other Interests

Things I Love


I’m a bit obsessed with good coffee and it is my mission to find the best little coffee gems in my hometown and where ever my travels take me.


I’m fascinated by the mind and brain, mindset, learning, self improvement, successful people, and near death experiences. If you enjoy reading about these topics, take a look.

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