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Do you want to know how to build your best booty? The short answer is to do the right glute exercises and eat nutrient-dense food! The long answer is to try as many booty building exercises as possible to pinpoint which glute exercises produce the most remarkable results for your body. The only way to figure this out is by doing each of the movements to see which exercises give you the best results.

If the goal is to build muscle, then you’ll need to consume enough calories for your body to create a beautiful booty. Count your macros: protein, fat, and carbs. If you’re going to be tearing down the muscle, it takes energy and the proper fuel to rebuild those muscles. There are all sorts of meal plans, programs, apps, and protein calculators available to determine the appropriate amount of macronutrients you need. I’m a big fan of IIFYM because it offers quite a bit of flexibility. It is not the easiest thing in the world to consume the amount of protein needed to build glorious glutes. It’s good to have creative solutions available and use as many of the free resources available online!

foundational movements

There are only a few foundational movements, but there is almost an unlimited number of ways to do these main movements. 

These are 10 of the main booty building movements that are highly effective in activating and growing the glutes. Each of these foundational movements has at least three variations. 

We can perform the hip thrust in 20 different ways. It’s all about the angles. Change it up; keep your body guessing.

glute exercises
hip thrust variations

what is the best glute exercise?

The number one glute building exercise is the hip thrust. If you had to pick just one movement to do, then this would be it! There are many ways to hip thrust. Here are 20 different ways that you can do the Hip Thrust.

First, experts recommend starting with bodyweight if you have never done a hip thrust before. Plus, it’s an excellent warm-up. Remember to squeeze! So important. Don’t just go through the motions—intensity and intention matter. Please focus on the glutes as you’re working on them.

Once you’re comfortable with the movement and your form is on point, it’s time to add some weight. I only included the barbell on the list, but you can use any weight you prefer, like a dumbbell, kettlebell, or medicine ball. The world is your oyster. You can also use a booty band, a thick elastic canvas loop used for booty building exercises.

Lastly, you can combine a barbell and a booty band, which is pretty standard because it works! And you will feel the burn in the best way. I would also consider the frog pump a version of the hip thrust. You’ll get a great burn with bodyweight, or you can add a 20-pound dumbbell if you want to turn up the heat. Remember to squeeze at the top! In my experience, this movement seems to grow the lateral portion of the booty. Yay curves!

first things first

What is the Hip thrust?

The hip thrust is the main booty building movement. Goodbye squats! Well, not really. There is nothing wrong with squats, but they do not isolate the glutes the way the hip thrust does. Squats are a fantastic foundational movement, they do help build the glutes and grow your legs, and for someone who does not want larger legs, I have moved on to the Hip Thrust. 

You can do a hip thrust with your back and feet on the floor; you can keep your back on the ground and elevate your feet. You also can play with foot position. I have to go a little wider to get proper engagement, a valuable tip from Mr. Contreras, thank you, Glute Guy! Perhaps you want to try putting your back against a bench or a padded box and keep your feet on the ground. Lastly, you can use the bench for your back support and use a second bench or box to elevate your feet.

barbell hip Thrust

Here you can see that the lifter has her back is against a bench and is doing a double pulse at the top. Burner!

The 'Glute guy'

Bret Contreras, the ‘Glute Guy’ has done extensive research, experimented with the movements on himself and numerous clients with excellent results. He’s even written a book called the Glute Lab. He’s written several books over the past few years, which shows you that he is the expert in attaining amazing glutes. He can explain the why behind everything that you’re doing.

If you want to geek out, check out Bret Contreras’ website. It’s jam-packed with more information that you can consume in a day. Here’s his book on amazon.




Other great booty building exercises

The hip thrust is not only booty building movement that will create the booty that you want! Now it’s a toss-up between second and third place between lunges and deadlifts. If I had to choose, I would say lunges are second and then deadlifts. Tomorrow I may reverse that answer. Lunges are excellent because they help address any imbalances you may have. Always start with your weaker side first. Do an extra set or a few extra reps on the weaker side until it catches up to your dominant leg or glute. 
Reverse lunges allow you to step backward versus forward to help ease any knee pain. It’s easier to concentrate on the glute when stepping back. Lunge holds or pulses are a fantastic alternative option to traditional lunges. Bodyweight or weighted will do the trick. 
In third place is deadlifts but mostly straight leg for booty building. Lots of single-leg deadlifts and deficit deadlifts help grow the glutes nicely. The nice thing about straight leg deads is that you don’t need a ton of weight to see results. If your goal is strength and you want to hit a one-rep max, then that’s a different story. 

Lastly, one of the most effective glute building exercises is the kick-back. It’s also called quadruped movement because you’re on all fours. Again the more diversity you can bring, the better results you’ll see. Traditional donkey kicks are great. Add a band for some resistance. Elevate your arms, bend the knee, keep the leg straight, hold for two seconds at the top of the lift, lie on your side, and “kick-back” in a controlled manner. This angle is terrific because you’re also using gravity to keep your leg held in the air like a ballet dancer. It’s not as easy to use the momentum like it is with a straightforward kick-back.

before and after pics

Let’s take a look at some amazing before and after booty transformations. First, we are featuring none other than Bret Contreras, the booty doctor. Here just a few of his clients. Bret is a strength coach, so you’ll want to get into a gym with his program. Now it’s not necessary. He posts lots of great home or hotel substitution videos.

Booty transformations

brittany perille

Brittany Perille is truly inspiring before you learn that she has two babies. Her entire Instagram profile offers free workouts! I’ve picked up a few of her moves along the way. She has one of the prettiest physiques I’ve ever seen.

meet jen selter

Meet Jen Selter! Booty builder influencer. She does mostly at home booty workouts. She has a fitness app where you can follow her routines. You can get results without moving a ton of weight. Strength and shape are not the same. Bodyweight will get you where you want to go if you put in the work.

jamie lee purnell

Love her! She just recently had baby number three! She does a lot of at home movements as well as some good gym lifts. She uses booty bands regularly. Full disclosure, I’m one of her JL Peach Members! She’s affordable and caters to your schedule. Being a busy mom, she offers a fantastic program that I can do in 45 minutes and recipes with the appropriate macros to reach the goal of building that booty! Check out her before and after transformation. Check out her Peach Program!

what do all of these people have in common?

Other than an ample backside, dedication, consistency, and persistence. When you dive into these transformative accounts, you’ll see that their success was bit achieved overnight, especially with the booty. The most significant noticeable differences are about three years apart; you can see significant changes in about a year, but they take their gains to the next level with continued effort.

Butt implants can’t compare to the real deal of sweat, work, and discipline. There’s no faking it; bodies don’t lie. Also, they all offer free workouts and demos online. You can upgrade to get a personalized routine and diet plan if you want to take it to the next level. They all offer very affordable monthly subscription plans in the $30 range. The good news is that if you want a booty, you can have it. Remember to trust the process. All good things come to those who work. There’s no time like the present. Get that booty!

light resistance bands

I call these my mini booty bands. These bands are great to use as a warm-up, stretching, active recovery, or a complete body work out. They come in five different levels of resistance. 

The canvas booty bands are pretty thick and require significant effort to stretch them. Use these light resistance bands if you’re tired, sore, or want to get an active recovery day in rather than doing nothing. I like these because you can use them around your ankles.

Travel is much less common these days, but they’re easy to pack if you travel for work or any other reason. They are easy to clean and sanitize since they are latex. Don’t be fooled by their lightness; you can still have a great “sweat-sesh” using any one of these bands. If you want to add extra resistance, try doubling them up with one another resistance band. Remember the mind-muscle connection.

booty accessories

These are my favorite booty building tools. They will help you get the results you’re looking for faster. They add variety, difficulty, and a great way to get a glute work-out if you are stuck at home.

booty bands

barbell pad

This guy will save your hips from a lot of pain, bruising, and red marks. Plus, you’ll be able to lift more with proper form since you won’t have a heavy barbell digging into your hip bones. Game changer! Mine is the red Iron Bull, and I love it!

ankle weights

These are great becasue you can adjust the weight; easy to clean, & no sand. Use for walking, upper body, and booty work.

Amazon Prime

booty sprout

The Booty Sprout has been great for at-home booty workouts during covid. The movement feels different than doing barbell work because the resistance increases as you lift. Barbells are heavy from the floor. The Booty Sprout offers up to 135 lb. of resistance. 

If you can go to the gym, it’s nice to have a varied exercise. It’s easy to change it up by adding booty loops, holding the lift at the top, single leg. There are an endless number of possibilities if you get the creative juices flowing.

what are the benefits of a big booty?

There are many benefits. The first answer depends on the person, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Perky, round, fit glutes are attractive. They represent a healthy body and make it easier to attract a potential partner if we want to get biological. The fun part is that you can decide how much you want your glutes to grow with a few considerations to keep in mind. Genetics do play a role in booty building. If you are blessed with muscle bound genes, it probably won’t take you as much time or effort to create a glorious derrière as it will be naturally thinner with less muscle mass. Regardless of genetics, you can build a fantastic booty. Genetics influence how long it will take, how much you’ll have to eat, and how hard you’ll have to work.

Second, the glutes are one of the largest muscle groups in our body. We should be using them to keep our bodies in balance and healthy. For example, inactive glutes can cause all sorts of painful and functional problems in the knees, groin, hips, and back. Speaking from experience, I am quad dominant, and I didn’t realize that I was not actively engaging my glutes until about three years ago. I learned this from going to an AIRROSTI appointment to relieve my hip pain.
When your glutes are in good working condition, you’ll have fewer aches and tweaks. I’ve always had a butt, so when the doctor said that I had inactive glutes, my jaw hit the floor. I started focusing on glute exercises and found Bret Contreras as a result. Imagine how much stronger I would have been if I was properly using my booty. C’est la vie.

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