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Monday morning mantra 06.28.2021

I love the way you make me feel,

when I know that I’m connected to you.

Nothing in the world can take this away,

it’s all I need,

everything else is just gravy.


Remembering to know this,

in every moment

is the goal.

Returning to you,

choosing to know you,

instead of getting lost

in the chaos.

And it’s okay when I do.

It’s normal,

it’s human,

it’s why we’re here,

to remember to come back to you.


To come back home

to ourselves,

to do what we love,

to answer the call of our soul,

the tug in our hearts,

the knowing that all is well,

no matter what the outside world says

or shows us.


This inner knowing is peace

that no one can touch

because it is all of us.

We all have this knowing,

but our job isn’t to show it

to one another.

Our job is to show it

to ourselves.


Live it.

Be it.

And in this,

we do show others,

without saying a word

without preaching.

We just are,

so they

can just be.


The end,

for all of eternity.


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