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woman meditating in the street in the country side

Monday morning mantra 07.05.2021

Meditate because it feels good

Meditate because you like it

Look at it as a reprieve

A breath of fresh air.

Try not to think of it as

another task that must be

checked off your to do list.


Look forward to your break

Your YOU time.

Like taking a soothing bath

Just soak in the goodness.

The comfort

The calm

The bubbles

The scent


Being where you are


In your escape

From your reality.

Check in

With what’s really real

To tap into your unlimited potential

Infinite intelligence

Your inner guidance system.

Let it refresh you

Replenish you

Satisfy you.

Allow these few moments

To shape your reality

Into your creation.

Your desires

Your dreams

Come true.

Find that happy place

Where only you know

Where it is

And how to get there.

Recognize that you

Are so much more

Than this body

Than this life.

You have abundant resources at your fingertips

Activate them by tuning-in

By quieting your mind

By knowing the truth

That speaks to you

Calls you

Each and every day

Every moment.

Silence the noise

The mental clutter.

Surrender to your all-being power

Chose to know yourself

A few minutes every day

Know that all is well.


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