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Monday morning mantra 06.21.2021


Isn’t it funny how life can be full of surprises?

Like when you know that a situation

is going to turn out a certain way

and it completely throws you off your game

when the results are not what you had been anticipating.


Rather than feeling “wrong”

take a step back to just



Why is it that what you knew

didn’t come to pass?

Was it that YOU really knew?

Were you tuned-in

to your own inner guidance system?


Or were you listening to other’s

whom you trust

and then adopted theirs

as your own opinion?


Does it really matter

that the situation

manifested differently

than what you had been expecting?


It’s interesting food

for thought.

Only you have the answers.

We get to learn to listen

to our hearts and trust

that all is well.


So don’t worry when things turn out differently

than you thought or had hoped for-

it’s all working out for you in the end,

more importantly

in the now.



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