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Chakra Clearing Meditation

Chakra Meditation

Mindfulness meditation

This meditation is perfect for anyone looking to relax for a few minutes. This chakra clearing meditation will help you if you are feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed about life, work or any other situation.

Meditation is called a practice because requires practice. The only way to find out what works for you is by doing it. Trial and error. You will learn first-hand which types of meditation offer the best benefits for you.

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Perhaps walking meditation is the best for you right now because you’re stuck inside your house working all day. Your body and mind require movement, fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Perhaps you look at a screen all day and you crave peace and quiet. Absolute silence is the only way you’re able to hush the mental chatter. There are an endless number of ways to get into a meditative state. The fun part is finding which method or methods work for you!

Part of the discovery process is meditating in a variety of locations. Do you prefer indoors or outdoors? Which position best suits you? You may not be able to meditate lying down because you get way too comfortable and fall asleep. You may not be able to meditate while sitting still. Perhaps you get into a meditative state by chanting, dancing, cleaning or walking.

meditation benefits

Meditation has been proven to decrease stress and anxiety. There are many kinds of meditation used for various purposes such as improved concentration, pain management, depression, contentment and any other life circumstance. Try it for yourself to know first-hand.

Meditation script

Welcome to the chakra clearing meditation.

this meditation will help calm your mind,

relax your body,

improve your focus,

and your overall wellbeing.

Take a moment

to relax where you are,

either seated or lying down.

Breathe-in deeply though your nose for three seconds,

and exhale through your mouth for three seconds

Let go of all expectation.

Allow your eyes to gently close,

Rest in this moment.

If you have any stress or anxiety,

concerns for the day,

items on your to-do list,

set them aside,

just for a moment,

to be here and now.

Breath-in gratitude,

breathe-out tension.

Relax your face,

your jaw,

relax your eye brows,


let your shoulders release.

Breathe-in through your nose,

enjoy this moment

breathe-out through your mouth,

for making time for yourself,

for your wellbeing,

for being free from distraction.

Inhale compassion,

for yourself.

Exhale anger,

let it go.

You don’t have to hold on to it anymore.

Let your body rest,

allow your mind to rest.

Breathe-in kindness,

allowing calmness to penetrate your body.

Breathe-out anxiety or worry.

Rest in this moment.

Just BE.

Inhale understanding and compassion,

for yourself.

Exhale any stress that’s weighing you down,

and perhaps doesn’t belong to you.

Let it go with love.

Now imagine a brilliant golden white light

as you breathe this light in,

send it to your root chakra,

located at the tip of your tailbone.

Imagine a brilliant ruby red color glowing,

pulsating with LOVE and light.

Allow this red light to clear any old or stuck energy in this center.

As you exhale, allow it to leave.

Breathe-in love and light.

See the bright red light in your mind’s eye.

Send it to your root chakra.

Allow it to release all that no longer serves you.

Thank you for acknowledging this center.

NEXT, take a deep breath-in,

imagine the color orange,

and send it to your your second chakra,

your sacral chakra.

When you breathe-in,

send this brilliant orange color

to the space below your belly button.

Imagine this orange light pulsating and emanating love and kindness.

Allow this orange light to release any fear, tension, pain, or regret.

Allow any stagnant or stuck energy to be moved by this brilliant orange light.

Breathe-in LOVE and light.

As you send this orange ball of light to the sacral chakra,

allow the orange light to glow, grow and expand.

As you exhale release any unwanted feelings, thoughts, expectations.

Thank you for acknowledging this center.

NEXT, imagine the color yellow on your next inhale,

send your breath to your third chakra,

your solar plexus,

the region below your breast bone in your stomach area.

See the color yellow in your mind’s eye.

Send this yellow energy to your solar plexus space.

Watch it expand,


generating love and brilliant yellow light,

filling your being with this love and light.

You feel lighter as you release all that no longer serves you.

Thank you for acknowledging this center.

NEXT, imagine the color green

On your next in-breath,

feel LOVE, let it overwhelm you.

Send it to your heart center, your fourth chakra,

in the middle of your chest.

Imagine this green ball of light,

expanding into your entire chest cavity.

Feel the LOVE.

Release any pain, tension, want, or feeling of lack.

Breathe-in love and green light.

Exhale expectation.

Know that you are enough.

Release all that no longer serves you.

Ask that you be guided by your heart,

that you hear the whispers of your soul.

Choose to trust yourself.

YOU are divine.

You have the divine spark of life inside of you.

Acknowledge yourself.

Trust that you are being guided by love,

and that you are safe.

and all is well.

Thank you for acknowledging this center.

NEXT, breathe in the color blue.

Send it to your throat chakra, your 5th chakra.

Feel the tension release from your throat.

If you feel tightness,

or a knot,

any block,

is there something that needs to be said?

or expressed?

Breathe in to your throat center.

Let the blue light expand,

allowing it to move any stagnant energy.

Remove fear,

remove obstacles.

You are safe to express your truth.

Breathe in love and see the blue light pulsating

outward from you into the world,

with love.

Release all that no longer serves you.

Thank you for acknowledging this center.

NEXT, breath in the color indigo.

Send it to your third eye, your 6th chakra,

your inner eye,

your inner knowing,

in the center of your forehead.

Relax your eyebrows,

release any expectations that you may have,

or that may arise.

Send love and indigo light to your third eye.

Let it pulsate outwards,

Let it radiate love and light,

trusting that the information you receive is from Divine Intelligence.

Release any fear,

or not knowing,

or wanting to know,

needing to feel in control.

Breathe in wisdom.

Tune-in to Infinite Intelligence,

it’s always there for you.

We can communicate at any time

if we become still and listen,

it is our birthright.

Thank you for acknowledging this center.

On your next breath, breath-in love and a golden, white light.

Send it to your crown chakra, your 7th chakra,

located on the top of your head.

Imagine it filling your entire being with this golden, white light.

Your entire body is filled with love and and light.

As this golden white light moves down your body it activates and energizes the other chakras.

It illuminates your indigo third eye,

your blue throat chakra,

your green heart chakra,

your yellow solar plexus chakra,

your orange sacral chakra,

and your red root chakra.

This light is LOVE.

This light is with you always.

Breathe-in deeply,

and allow the light to where it wants to go.

And exhale,

releasing all that no longer serves you.

Thank you for acknowledging this center.

Before we go, imagine that your feet, your hands, your

seat, or your back, if you’re lying down,

are all connected to the earth.

Send your love and your light into the earth

to ground you to the here and now.

Breathe-in love.

Breathe-out all that no longer serves you.

Now, slowly wiggle your fingers,

Gently wiggle your toes,

completely come back into your body.

Gently open your eyes.

Thank you for taking the time to connect with yourself.

Have a beautiful day.


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