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Monday morning mantra 07.19.2021

Return to you

Forget who you’ve learned to be

over the years

from your parents

your teachers

your friends

your elders

your rule enforcers.

Listening to them

over yourself

as if they know what’s best for you

more than you.

Only you

know what you need

what you want

what you desire

how to be happy


satisfied with this life.

Others think they know

what’s best for you

and they like the control.

This has become our normal.

We try to satisfy everyone else

so many expectations

projected onto us by others

we think

but really projected by


So let go

of all of the unnecessary pressure.


Listen to your inner guidance.

Become who you really are.

That’s the purpose of this life.

Accept who you are

accept who others are

let them be

so that you can be



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