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Monday morning mantra 06.07.2021

We don’t have to feel guilty

about being true to who we are.

If other people don’t understand your decision or your stance,

that’s okay –

eventually they will understand

when we’re all in a higher place

and we realize that none of the petty things

we argue and dispute over matter.

We’ll laugh and say,

“Remember when we thought that mattered?”


But that’s why we’re here-

to experience difference,



so that we can come to our own understanding,

come to know our true selves

and rest in the peace that all is well.

Trust that your desires and decisions matter.

You matter

to the Universe

to the entirety of all that is.

So just smile at anyone who gives you a hard time.

Don’t waste your time explaining yourself to anyone.

Live your life the way that you know

you are meant to live your life

deep in your heart.

Your soul doesn’t lie,

it only projects your truth,

calling you back home

to yourself.


The more you listen

the more often you’ll hear your knowing,

choosing what makes you happy

BECAUSE it makes you happy.

That is the secret to life.

Once everyone practices this regularly

then our world will be such a beautiful place.

Until then we get to practice.

We only have forever,

there’s no rush.


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