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Monday morning mantra 02.08.2021

I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks recently.

Her words are speaking directly to my heart,

Activating a deep knowing and remembering.

Perhaps they will do the same for you,

If it is your time to hear it.

The best way to success and manifestation

Is choosing to be

In a happy place.

In a state of feeling good,

Feeling satisfied.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be happy all of the time.

It means that no matter what is happening in your world,

You choose to


Be present,

And deliberately choose your feelings,

As you face life.

Fear has no place in this world.

We have allowed fear to get in the way.

No more.

Goodbye fear.

Hello trust and knowingness.

Trust that all is happening FOR you.

You are limitless.

Sound too good to be true?


Isn’t it cute how we limit ourselves?

Worry is so sneaky.

Until we shine the light on it.

Smile to yourself.

Part of you knows this truth.

Your Higher Self.

Your Inner Being.

Your Infinite Intelligence.

Your Source.

Your Inner Guidance System.

When we quiet our mind

We strengthen our ability to hear

Our inner voice.

We strengthen our connection

To our Infinite Intelligence.

We can choose

To let it speak louder

 Than the noise pollution

We call our thoughts.

Meditate for the pleasure of it – Abraham’s words.

Don’t meditate to get something,

Or to achieve an outcome.

Do it because it feels good.

When we begin practicing living a life that feels good

As often as we can,

Moment by moment,

That is when the magic happens

The miracles.

Really, it’s not a miracle.

Ha ha ha

It is our natural state of being,

But we have become so disconnected from our inner being That when we operate in our natural state

We label it as a “miracle.”

Once we remember

And return to who we truly are 

Our entires lives embody the miraculous.

Anything that you want to accomplish is already done.

Your job is to get busy enjoying life in the mean time.

Until your desired outcome presents itself to you in physical form.

The more often you feel good,

The faster your desires manifest.

How cool is that?!!

Your most important job

In the entire Universe

Is to feel good so that you can

Live your dream life.


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