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Monday morning mantra 01.18.2021

Dance like no one is watching.
Let your soul sing.
Let it guide you.
Let it move you.

that you are safe.

that you are loved.

that you are being guided.
by Infinite Intelligence,
by Divine Intelligence

Limitless Love
is speaking to you.
It calls your name,
Nudges you to call that friend,
Ask the question,
Turn here instead.

It’s inside of us all,
Assisting us in times of need,
Comforting us while we’re stuck at home,
Separated from what we used to know.

Infinite Intelligence has all of the answers,
So that we don’t have to.
No more worry,
No more fear,
No more anxiety.
We are taken care of.

We are so loved!
We are not alone.
YOU are not alone.
You have never been alone.
We have so much help.

Our Guardian Angels,
Arch Angels,
“Unemployed Angels” as Lorna Bynes calls them.
All we have to do is ask;
Ask for their help,
For their guidance.
They are here with us,
Always and forever.

Take solace in this knowledge.
You are perfect.
You are God’s child.
You are LOVE.

Sit in this for a while.
Feel it,
Know it,
Sense it,
With your “extra” senses.
They’re not really “extra,”
They’re normal, part of our ordinary existence,
But we have forgotten.

So remember.
Remember who you are.
All of you.
You are so much more than you realize.
Ask to see yourself in its entirety.
That’s all you need.
Once we know this,
There is nothing left to need.


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