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I fell in love with coffee in 2009 after my first experience at Catalina Coffee. I had no idea that coffee could taste like that! If forever changed my world and started my obsession with quality coffee.

When I was a wine rep I was always out about visiting restaurants, wine bars, and coffee shops who often times offer a few cool select wines. This is  how my coffee love affair grew into what it is now today.

To my great surprise, Houston coffee shops have multiplied like rabbits since I’ve been holed up in my house during covid.

Catalina Coffee

Catalina Coffee was the first coffee house that introduced me to amazing coffee. I never understood what the big deal was until I finally went. And then I knew. You think coffee is all the same until you taste their coffee. It is life changing. It was smooth, not bitter, didn’t need sugar or milk! I was awestruck! I ordered a latte and then decided to have a shot afterwards because it tasted so good. Not only will it thrill your tastebuds but I felt like I had injected rocket fuel into my veins. I was wired for the rest of the afternoon. I was hooked. It’s been 12 years and going strong. The cool thing is that you can find Amaya Roasting Company’s beans all over town. Buy a bag. You’ll be happy you did.

Warning! Once you do you won’t be able to drink the rough, burned stuff anymore (unless it’s life or death and you need caffeine to exist). Even then it will be a challenge after you’ve tasted the good stuff.


“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

john ruskin

southside espresso

I fell in love with Southside Espresso about six years ago. It’s located in Montrose and shares a bathroom with Uchi. The coffee is delish, they have a rad wine and beer selection and the people are amazing. They also roast their own beans through their sister company, Fusion Beans Coffee Roastery.

Boomtown coffee

Boomtown Coffee has a location in the Heights off of 19th street situated next to Dance House Fitness. They have an amazing veggie breakfast taco. I had a serious addiction to their milk and honey latte for a while.


downtown - closed

brass tacks

Brass Tacks opened in EaDO in August of 2020 and it has such a chill vibe. It’s a great spot to get together with friends that you haven’t seen in a while. It’s a great work spot with individual cubby/ work spaces. There is a conference room in the back, lots of natural lighting with plenty of room to enjoy outside. Highly recommend!

wolfsmiths coffee

The word that comes to mind is “rad.” This is one of the coffee shops located in the Heights off of 26th street. Super cool vibe, friendly staff. It’s also a bike shop, as in motorcycles. Relax inside on their leather couches or in their cool front yard area with tables. Uber pet friendly. Say hello to the owners frenchie when you stop in.

Throughgood has a great patio area with picnic tables, lots of space for pups  and kids to enjoy. The coffee is amazing and you can get a soul taco during the week! Yes! If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, I’m pretty sure it would be breakfast tacos.

dandelion cafe

This is one that’s been around for almost six years and I just recently ventured into it. I am so glad that I did! While the coffee (and the avocado toast) is amazing, I love the decor. It’s bright, filled with natural light, and filled with gorgeous paper flowers everywhere. It’s a good family spot!

dandelion cafe flowers on ceiling

retrospect coffee bar

Retrospect is located in an old 1920’s gas station. It has been a life saver during the pandemic since they have an outdoor ordering and delivery window. Thank goodness! They are close to the community college. Their crepes are amazing. So far my favorite is the Janis Joplin with both the sriracha and the balsamic. Try it, it’ll blow your mind. Bonus: you get a discount if you walk or bike to their location.


Cafeza is a rad little spot not too far from Catalina actually. It has its own unique warm welcoming vibe. The owners and staff of this Spanish style cafe and wine bistro are friendly and make you want to come back for more. This is a great spot to get some work done during the day. They also have live music and poetry in the evenings.

Grinder's Coffee Bar

This little gem is off of Kirby and Sunset Blvd on the way to Rice Village. It’s cozy and fresh feeling. I so enjoy feeling the texture of the milk when it’s done right. I am not a barista or coffee roaster but I do know what the correct consistency is and they have it. Bravo! Can you see it in the picture below?

grinders coffee

oso coffee

The long awaited opening for this rad little coffee house on Navigation, across from the Original Ninfas. Hector, the owner was able to bring a water pump in to the shop in order to have clean water to serve his delicious coffee to all who ventured out after a week of power outages, a water shortage, icy roads, and freezing cold temperatures. Bless you Oso!

it's more than coffee

My favorite coffee shops listed here “made the cut” because of the feel of the place. The people are warm, welcoming and make the coffee taste that much better. It’s about the vibe. It doesn’t mean that you have to want to hang out there for 8 hours a day. In fact, my number one go to is a place that doesnt offer wifi so it’s not intended for people to stay and hang out to work.

tea sip

If you are not a coffee fanatic but prefer tea instead then you must try Tea Sip! Find amazing, delicious, aromatic loose leaf teas in the Heights. They also supply many of the local coffee shops with their yummy tea.

more to come

I will continue to update this post with more of the awesome coffee spots around town. So far these are my favorites. Give them a try and let us know what you think!

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