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La Vida is your resource for creating ‘The Life’ of your dreams through daily life practices like mindfulness, movement and meditation.

Decrease stress, anxiety & negativity. Increase happiness, satisfaction and purpose in your life. You are powerful and have the ability to help make your dreams a reality. 

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Plant the Seed: 7 life-changing habits to create 'the life' of your dreams

1. Smile at Someone + Believe to See

Plant the Seed of Acknowledgement

2. Do One Thing + Think FROM the End
Plant the Seed of Success

3. Breathe 3 x Day + Silence the Noise
Plant the Seed of Clarity

4. Imperfect is “I’m Perfect” + Embrace the Process
Plant the Seed of Refinement

5. “No,” period. + Focus on Wanted
Plant the Seed of Worthiness

6. Choose Your Words + Create Coincidences
Plant the Seed of Creation

7. Let Go + Fall Asleep in the Feeling
Plant the Seed of Optimization

8. Bonus: Live Your Life + Naturally
Plant the Seed of Happiness

These micro-habits can grow into the life you have always wanted. Finding beauty in the process is Life’s greatest secret.

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