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Monday morning mantra 12.14.2020

Letter to Self

Dear [insert your name here],

You are enough.

I see you.

All of your beauty,

all of your imperfections.

I tend to call them “flaws.”

I’m sorry for picking on you.

I’m sorry for focusing on “what’s wrong” with you,

instead of thanking you for taking care of me.

Thank you
for giving me this body
to live life,
to experience joy,

I’m sorry for the mean things
I have said to you.
I’m sorry for degrading you,
treating you as if you’re not enough
because you don’t look like the models
on the magazine covers.
Because you haven’t achieved
your desired level of success.

You are amazing.
You are worth more
than words can express.

I’m sorry for smoking,
eating too much sugar,
processed junk-food,
not giving you enough water,
and then judging you for gaining a few pounds.

I’m sorry for thinking that you’re not enough,
not smart enough,
not pretty enough,
not driven enough,
not good enough.

I’m sorry that I am so hard on you. 

Thank you for caring for me
and being there for me.
You accept me without judgment.
You love me as I am,
and continue to support me.

You nourish me,
give me life.
Let me run,

All of this I take for granted.
I want you to know how much I love you.
You are important to me.

I’m sorry I haven’t shown you
how much I care.
I expect so much of you,
criticize you for aging
when wrinkles appear,
instead of celebrating
that you’ve allowed me to
live as many years that I have.

You are a miracle.
You are love.
Thank you for showing me how to be better.
Thank you for my life.
I see you.

With gratitude,
[Sign your name]


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