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Monday morning mantra 11.30.2020

Which story are you living?

What do you believe to be “true” about yourself?

Reality check,

We can choose what is true about us.

Name one truth that you don’t like about yourself.

“I’m always late.”

Is this true?

Has it been true in the past?

Does this mean that it must be true now, in this moment?

Or in the future?

You get to decide.

Choose your truth.

Create your life,

In every moment.

You have that power,

The power to choose.

Choose what you want.

Stop choosing what you don’t want.

Be done

with surrendering your power

to a false narrative.

Step into your power

with love

and gratitude.


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Books are our teachers. They have been my source of comfort and encouragement over the years. See what calls to you.

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