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Joovy Jogging Stroller Review

What’s the Best Jogging Stroller?

Where are my running mama’s? If this is you, who else thinks that jogging with a baby stroller is a whole different ball game? The biggest difference for me is not being able to use my arms. Come on legs! Lift! I do see some moms using one arm which steers us to an important feature in baby jogging strollers: control. As long as you can steer safely with one hand then you’re ready and all set to go. Otherwise you end up correcting the pull the entire time which is distracting and annoying. Mom’s are already preoccupied with making sure that baby is strapped in properly, not over heating or too cold, and avoiding other runners, dogs and oncoming traffic.

How Often Do You Run?

Hey Mama! What type of runner are you? Your answer will influence the baby jogger you end up choosing. Are you casual walk-jog-runner with baby? If this is you then check out the Phantom by Baby Trend and the Joovy Zoom. Are you a highly active mom who needs to get her run in or you may just “lose it”? If so, take a look at the BOB and the Thule. If you’re somewhere in the middle then hopefully this helps you find what you’re looking for to meet your jogging goals.

Remember to be kind to yourself. Pre-baby and post-baby running do not always coincide. I have to remind myself not to compare my progress to any other new mom. If you love to run like I do, then you’ll relate on how sad I was that I had to give up running in my third month of pregnancy. I know women who ran a marathon in month 9 so it really depends on you and baby. But the sadness was enveloped by love for my little one growing inside of my belly.It wasn’t until after becoming a mother that I realized how harshly I treated my body and myself. I had a new found appreciation of my body for its incredible feat of delivering a happy, healthy baby girl. What a task! Child birth is empowering. As a new mother you realize that you’re capable of so much. A shift occurs and there is a deep knowing that if you can become a mother, you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Below is a 4 jogging stroller reviews comparison. This baby jogger guide is by no means comprehensive but it’s a good start. The features of each stroller are listed along with the ideal stroller for each type of running mama. The first two columns on the left are designed more for your leisure to moderate joggers where the two right columns are equipped for avid running mommies. Take a look to see what tickles your fancy.


Compare & Contrast Jogging Strollers


Jogging Stroller Pros & Cons

Giving birth and seeing your tiny human grow and develop is awe inspiring. When it comes to exercise and fitness, I only recently started adding jogging back into my life. Hence the recent purchase of a baby jogging stroller. I am proud to say that I did run about 65% of the way around a three mile loop a few weeks ago. Progress! Even though it may take longer than expected it will happen with perseverance and consistency. We really are all our own Wonder Woman! Who would you rather be, the original badass or the modern beauty?

How Expensive are Baby Jogging Strollers?

According to amazon, they range from I ended up going with the Joovy Jogging Stroller because it was “light weight” at 25.7 pounds, the large wheels and it’s priced moderately in the $250 range. Considering that I’m not an avid runner but like to stay active, I found the price range for quality jogging strollers from $100 to upwards of $500 for a single jogger; I went with something in the middle. I went with the blueberry option even though the picture below is the black option. It was super easy to put together. Baby seems to be comfortable and enjoys the ride.

There is a clear plastic peekaboo window for mommy to see baby which is nice. The downside is that you can’t move it so it’s not breathable. I feel like the airflow would be better if you could open that little window. If you’re in a hot climate, keep that in mind. I’m the type of mama who likes having the baby bag or backpack with me at all times in case of an emergency. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, children’s Benadryl, Children’s Motrin, snacks, water, milk, bug spray, sunscreen. I’d rather have it with me and not need it rather than find out that baby is allergic to something that we’re unaware of or is super fussy because she’s hungry or thirsty when all I had to do is bring a few things with us.

Steering is easy. You can either lock the front wheel in place while jogging or keep it mobile for trails. It can hold up to 75 pounds so it’ll last longer than your less expensive options with a lesser weight limit. Has a wrist strap so that if you fall down baby doesn’t roll away. It has 2 cup holders which is a lifesaver. Try walking or jogging with water, iced coffee or tea in your hand and it ends up all over stroller and baby.

Overall Results

All four jogging strollers have a 12″ front wheel with 16″ rear wheels. Other than that, each stroller clearly demonstrates its perks and shortcomings.

Most Economical


$109.99 Amazon Prime Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller, Phantom

The Expedition Phantom has the most affordable price tag. It boasts 4.5 stars from almost 4000 reviews. It lags behind the other three options in that it can only hold up to 50 pounds. All of the other three jogging strollers can hold up to 75 pounds. Not recommended for newborns under 8 months. Great for toddlers. Easy to steer.

Best Value


Joovy Jogging Stroller $269.99 Amazon Prime

Moderate runner or a serious runner? Do you run 2 to 3 times a week? Once a week? This may be the jogging stroller for you. I wish that I was able put my dog in the bottom basket like I do with our UPPAbaby Stroller (not a jogging stroller) but it’s small and can only hold 5 pounds. I knew this going in and chose to make the purchase anyway. I can’t tell you how many smiles we get when they realize our pup is in the bottom of the stroller.

Are you an Avid Runner?

If you are a serious runner then it’s worth making the investment in the Beast of Burden (1) or the BOB Pro. Safety is a premier feature with a hand break, 9 adjustable handle bar positions, ventilated seat back ventilation & a suspension system for a super smooth ride.

Best Overall


$420 on Amazon Prime BOB Revolution PRO Jogging Stroller

The one bummer is that the BOB Pro does not include a tire pump but you are able to purchase one with the snack tray in their accessory offerings for $30.


$32 Amazon Prime BOB Handlebar Console with Tire Pump for Single Jogging Strollers

Close Second


$499.99 Amazon Prime Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller. I really was surprised that The Thule doesn’t come with a pump either. It seems natural that if you log a lot of miles as a runner on streets, paths and trails, that you’re bound to bump or roll over a rock or pot hole. A tire pump is useful and a safety bonus considering that you don’t want to be stranded miles or hours from your car with baby in tow. Suspension for an ultra smooth ride.

Hope this helps!


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