Where to meditate in Houston

where to meditate in Houston

Here are a few of my favorite hidden spots to meditate outdoors in Houston. These are free, peaceful, socially distanced and easy to stop by anytime during the week.

Buffalo bayou park

If you park in the free parking by the Lee & Joe Jamail skate park, there is a pathway to the right before you cross the bridge that takes you down to the footpath and bike path along the bayou. Next to the Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area that is closed right now, there is a little spot with granite triangles situated in a circle surrounded by trees. I love this little spot. There are lots of people passing by, jogging, walking, with their dogs, on bikes. You can see a few ducks hanging out by the water.

Where to meditate, nature meditation

elizabeth baldwin park

Baldwin Park displays historical Houston drama involving the founders of Houston, a secret will, and the establishment of Rice University. This park contains colossal oak trees, people walking their dogs, families pushing their little ones in their strollers, people working out outdoors.

The massive trees offer plenty of shade and relaxation and many great spots to sit and meditate. Or you can opt-in to do a walking meditation.

white oak parkway

There is a little grove of trees where you can sit and meditate away from the trail. It’s on the corner of White Oak and Houston Avenue. If you want to walk or bring your dog, then this is a great spot. Plus there are all kinds of yummy finds around the corner. Many of my favorite coffee shops are five minutes from this very spot!

where to meditate, nature meditation
where to meditate, nature meditation

discovery green

Discovery Green has amazing trees overhanging the walkways lined with benches. Choose from many perfect spots to take a seat and be still. Meditate on the bench, in the grass. Learn to be still, notice what is all around you. It will bring you peace and calm.

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