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tree love

We can heal the earth by re-planting trees.

trees for Houston

Trees For Houston is a non-profit organization dedicated to planting, protecting and promoting trees.

Arbor Day Foundation: time for trees

Humankind is facing a crisis: our ability to survive and thrive is at risk. Trees are an important part of the solution to many critical issues facing the planet and humankind.

National Forest Foundation

These lands are the foundation of America’s outdoor recreation heritage and sustain our way of life. They provide water to millions Americans in thousands of communities, clean our air, store carbon, and provide timber, minerals, oil and gas and other resources for industry and communities

tree sisters

Our forests are vital for our survival. Trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere, cool our planet, support our water cycles, restore landscapes and provide food, shelter and livelihoods for millions of people around the world.

how to trees helP the earth?

Trees clean the air, our water, provide shade, shelter, nourishment and medicine to humanity, animals and all of nature’s inhabitants. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2), provide oxygen and create enjoyable environments.

plant a tree in your area

Talk to your local tree organization to learn more about how you can get involved. Many times you can volunteer in person to plant trees. You may also start a fundraiser, event or donate money to help collect resources to plant more trees.

kiss the ground documentary netflix

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