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trust your inner guidance to create the life of your dreams.

Five years ago I came out of the spiritual closet. I stopped being afraid of being my most authentic self. I started meditating, listening to my inner being, and trusting the guidance within. Even though I felt alone in this transformation in my immediate life I knew that nothing could be further from the truth. I knew that I was surrounded by eternal love and support at all times, even when I couldn’t see it in this world.

I found support in books and authors in the self-help spiritual community worldwide. Check out my favorite book recommendations when you have moment. Many of the most successful people in this world meditate and practice mindfulness. Then I started connecting with spiritual people in my everyday life. People whom I’ve known for years. Life began showing me that I have physical support as well which was a bonus.

I feel called to live my light, shine my truth so others may do the same. It’s important that you live the life that YOU want to live. This life is a journey that we get to create. We have so much more power than we realize. We can embrace that divine power in our daily lives. We can incorporate simple practices like meditation and mindfulness into our daily lives to produce powerful positive change. 

Remember who you are. Remember your perfection. Strengthen and fine-tune your connection with your inner guidance to achieve all that you desire.

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These are four broad categories of meditation. There are many more nuanced styles available than these four alone. This is a good starting point. Meditation is a practice. There is no one right way to do it. Try one method to see if it works for you. Try as many styles as you can find until you consolidate them into your own unique meditation style. Meditation is personal. Do what you feel called to do.

Guided meditation is not included in this quiz. Learn more about guided meditation here.

Step into your power

meditation discovery workshop

Meditation is the vehicle to mindfulness. Discover the best meditation method for your life. There may be one meditation technique that resonates with you right now or there may be multiple.

You will walk through five different styles of meditation to help you hone in on what works for you. You will become aware of any, mindsets or habits that may be preventing you from getting into a meditative state. Or you may discover an activity or practice that relaxes you the most effectively. Sometimes we achieve the goal without realizing it because it feel so natural to us.

Remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the process.

Decide to Be Satisfied

See it to believe it.

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