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10.31.22 Mindful-Mini: Play
10.24.22 Mindful-Mini: Fewer Words
10.17.22 Mindful-Mini: Prana Mudra
10.10.22 Mindful-Mini: Smooth Like Honey
10.03.22 Mindful-Mini: Moving Toward

09.26.22 Mindful-Mini: Now is the Time
09.19.22 Mindful-Mini: “That Was Easy.”
09.12.22 Mindful-Mini: I’m Not Your Teacher
09.05.22 Mindful-Mini: Inspired Action

08.29.22 Mindful-Mini: Knowing
08.22.22 Mindful-Mini: Find Your Balance
08.15.22 Mindful-Mini: Flex
08.08.22 Mindful-Mini: Bless Your Food
08.01.22 Mindful-Mini: Start Now

07.25.22 Mindful-Mini: Get Grounded
07.18.22 Mindful-Mini: Believe It’s Possible
07.11.22 Mindful-Mini: Foam Roll
07.04.22 Mindful-Mini: Feel the Wind

06.27.22 Mindful-Mini: Animal Messengers
06.20.22 Mindful-Mini: Find a Way
06.13.22 Mindful-Mini: Try Something New
06.06.22 Mindful-Mini: Get Physical

05.30.22 Mindful-Mini: Mindful in Traffic
05.23.22 Mindful-Mini: Overwhelmed
05.16.22 Mindful-Mini: Second Brain
05.09.22 Mindful-Mini: Dreams
05.02.22 Mindful-Mini: Nudges

04.25.22 Mindful-Mini: Before You Sleep
04.18.22 Mindful-Mini: Reverse Vision Board
04.11.22 Mindful-Mini: This Too Shall Pass
04.04.22 Mindful-Mini: Buttercup

03.28.22 Mindful-Mini: Fill the Cup
03.21.22 Mindful-Mini: Golden Girl
03.14.22 Mindful-Mini: In the Zone
03.07.22 Mindful-Mini: I Can’t Hear You Nah Nah Nah

02.28.22 Mindful-Mini: Do Not Disturb
02.21.22 Mindful-Mini: Connected
02.14.22 Mindful-Mini: Let Go
02.07.22 Mindful-Mini: Choose Your Words

01.31.22 Mindful-Mini: “No,” Period.
01.24.22 Mindful-Mini: Imperfect is “I’m Perfect”
01.17.22 Mindful-Mini: Breathe 3 x Day
01.10.22 Mindful-Mini: Do One Thing
01.03.22 Mindful-Mini: Smile at Someone

12.27.21 Mindful-Mini: What If
12.20.21 Mindful-Mini: Work of Art
12.13.21 Mindful-Mini: In Perfect Time
12.06.21 Mindful-Mini: Angels

11.29.21 Mindful-Mini: Your Perspective
11.22.21 Mindful-Mini: Breathe-in, Breathe-out
11.15.21 Mindful-Mini: Forget What You Know
11.08.21 Mindful-Mini: 1% Better
11.01.21 Mindful-Mini: Intentional

10.25.21 Mindful-Mini: Hats
10.18.21 Mindful-Mini: Quiet Your Mind
10.11.21 Mindful-Mini: Nature Heals
10.04.21 Mindful-Mini: No-thing

09.27.21 Mindful-Mini: Relax Your Face
09.20.21 Mindful-Mini: Anticipation
09.13.21 Mindful-Mini: Stream of Consciousness
09.06.21 Mindful-Mini: Labor of Love

08.30.21 Mindful-Mini: I Hear You
08.23.21 Mindful-Mini: Use Your Favorite Song
08.16.21 Mindful-Mini: Choose Kindness
08.09.21 Mindful-Mini: Focus on Small Wins
08.02.21 Mindful-Mini: It’s Hard Until It’s Easy

07.26.21 Monday Morning Mantra: We Are One
07.19.21 Monday Morning Mantra: Return to You
07.12.21 Monday Morning Mantra: Life is Not What It Seems
07.05.21 Monday Morning Mantra: Meditate Because You Like It

06.28.21 Monday Morning Mantra: I Love the Way You Make Me Feel

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