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Modify any movement when working out at home. Get creative! Use a chair, an ottoman, the couch, anything that works for you. You can get a great booty work-out in just a few minutes a day! 

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Squat pulse

Stand with your feet hip-width apart or slightly wider.

Keep your chest up.
Drive through your heels while evenly distributing your weight throughout your entire foot.

Descend below parallel and then explode out of the bottom to just above parallel.

You can extend your arms in front of you to help keep your balance.

hip thrust

Lie on the your back.

Place your feet slightly wider than your hips.

Press you hips to the sky.

Drive through your heels.

Squeeze your glutes at the top.

Slowly lower yourself down to the floor.

Fire Hydrants

Find a wall or a door.

Get into a quadrapeg position on your hands and knees. Use a yoga mat, towel or pillow under your knees if the floor is uncomfortable. Distribute your weight evenly between your hands and knees. Keep your spine neutral. Point your toes. Life your knee laterally keeping it inline with your ankle. Once your knee reaches hip level, rotate your knee backward so that your toes touch the opposite wall.

b-stance deadlift

Place the majority of your weight on your left foot about 75% and place the remaining 25% back on your right foot.

You can use bodyweight or a weight such as a dumbell or kettlebell. You can choose which hand you hold the weight. Opposite hand and leg tend to help maintain balance.

Keep your spine neutral, bend at the hip and allow the weight to smoothly and gently glide straight down.

Activate your glutes as you raise back up.

Squeeze your glutes at the top.

Switch legs and repeat.

Squat jump

Stand with your feet hip-width apart.

Drop down into a complete squat if possible. Ideally you want your hips to reach below parallel.

Drive through your entire foot and explode out of the bottom of the squat.

Focus on your glutes.

Squeeze you glutes as you're jumping out of the squat.

Gently land and continue straight into the next squat jump.

banded body-weight squat

Use a booty band or a booty loop. Start with a lighter resistance than you're able to withstand.

Place the booty loop above your knees.

Place your feet under your hips or slightly wider than your hips.

Keep your chest up.

Shoot your hips back.

Keep your knees out.

You can try turning your toes slightly outward.

Drop your hips as low as you can staying actively engaged until your hips break parallel and then drive through your heels back up to the top.

Squeeze your glutes at the top.

Banded hip thrust + pulse

Choose your booty loop or booty band.

Place with your feet hip-width apart.

Keep your knees actively engaged and pressed out against the band.

Drive your hips up.

Press through your entire foot and focus on driving through your heels.

Once you're at the top, pulse outward for 5 reps.

Release and allow your hips to return to the floor.

Remember to breathe.

Standing banded Kick-backs

Find a wall or a chair to use to help balance if you like.

Place the booty loop above your knees.

Keep your chest up.

Place all of your weight on one foot.

Flex the opposite foot.

Focus on activating and squeezing your glutes.

From your glutes, kick-back your opposite leg.

Flex your glute at the top of the lift.

Actively press your abs in towards your spine.

Keep your spine neutral.

Remember to breathe.

Switch legs and repeat.

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