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Monday morning mantra 03.22.2021

Decide to be satisfied

moment by moment

this is your life practice

regardless of those around you

regardless of those you love

and those who you love.

You can only control your reactions

you do not control anyone other than yourself

and no one controls you.

Others may think that they have control

but it’s just you surrendering your power.

Surrendering the thing that no one

can ever take

unless you give it away.

So step into your power,

decide to live YOUR life

full of the LIFE experiences

you desire.

Fill your time with joy,



and laughter.

Choose to look

at what makes you feel good.

Listen to music you like,

let your soul guide you.

Don’t worry about anyone else.

Their soul is guiding them.

We are all okay.

We are all better than okay.

The world will tell you otherwise

but you can be at peace

regardless of what they say

and what you see.

Tune-in to your higher knowing.

Meditate to listen;

meditation stops the mental chatter

Journaling is a great tool

to access the depths

of your mind, heart and soul.

There are so many

tools you can use.

There is no one right way,

the right way

is the way

that works for you.

Spend time with your pet or pets;

take a walk in nature,

take time to enjoy a meal

rather than quickly inhale the food

so you can get on

to the next thing.

Our entire life is living

in this now moment,

so you might as well enjoy

as many now moments

as you can.

We are not promised tomorrow,

we are not promised another breath,

so enjoy the now,

and your life will open up,


become beautiful

and fragrant.

This life is for us to live

and to love.

Do what you are called to do

as often as you can.


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