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As a mom, self care is so important.

Spend a few moments practicing mindfulness for the greatest good of all. This includes you, your family, your career, and every aspect of your life.

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mom meditation

Before you start your day, breathe in deeply. And Exhale. Breathe in gratitude. Breathe out any stress. Ask for whatever you need
whether it be energy,
brain power,
time. Breathe in love. Breathe out overwhelm. Breathe in compassion. Breathe out distraction. Breathe in understanding. Breathe out guilt. Breathe out shoulds, coulds and woulds.
Do what you can do. Be where you are. Be grateful for where you are. Take steps towards what you want, who you want to be. Imagine what you desire in your mind. If it's calm, quiet, success, your child or children getting along, being kind, learning. See it in your mind. Feel it in your heart. You can always return to your breath. At any time during your day. Namaste.


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“You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”

Pema Chodron

Thank you mama!

You are amazing for doing all that you do. Thank you for taking time for yourself, to be the best mom you can be. If you enjoyed this meditation please let us know! Share with any other mamas who you think could use this today.

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