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mindful mini 11.15.2021: Forget what you know

1 mindfulness technique this week

Forget what you’ve been told

By others
By yourself

You don’t have to believe the lies anymore.
Your shortcomings
Your guilt
Your reasons why things aren’t the way you wish they were.

This is just a story
That you get to rewrite.
You GET to write
Your Story
Every day
Every moment.

No reason to curse or be angry at your story before now.
In fact, that story brought you to your new story.
Your old story served its purpose.
Until it no longer did.

Welcome the process.
Follow where you are led
Take the next logical step
Doubt free
No question that what you’re doing is right.

Just the realization
The becoming

It’s all here for you
Cheers to you!

Until next week!


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