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mindful mini 09.13.2021: Stream of Consciousness

1 mindfulness technique this week

Write for 15 minutes each morning, stream of consciousness style. Write anything and everything that comes to mind. Disregard grammar and spelling for now. If you’re not sure where to start, write down simple tasks on your to do list for the day, emotions you’re feeling that you don’t want to share with another person.

On the flip side, perhaps you have something that you do want to share with another person. This process can help organize your thoughts into a clear and concise message.

Do you have a decision to make? List the positive and negative aspects of your decision. Nothing is off-limits. Write down anything that’s taking up unwanted bandwidth in your mind. Get it out onto paper and out of your head.

Ideally use pen and paper since physically writing has been shown in a recent study to activate the brain more than typing. Writing helps process the thoughts and emotions by transforming your translated words into a tangible item in front of your face. If you are doing this exercise as an outlet,  you can take it one step further by folding and shredding the paper as a sort of ritual to “let it go.”

If pen and paper are a hard no you then you can create a new document on your phone or computer. Whatever works for you.

Remember to set a timer and stop at 15 minutes so that you can continue on with your regularly scheduled day.

Until next week!


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