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mindful mini 09.06.2021: Labor of Love

1 mindfulness technique this week

Mindfulness is a labor of love. Labor is defined in part as physical or mental effort (1). Choosing our responses requires intentional focus and determination. We choose to be mindful because we want to be better humans.

Many times it’s the small things that add up to the lasting changes. Here’s one example, about 10 years ago, I wanted to start saving money so I decided to stop impulse buying in the check out line at the grocery store. At first it was really hard to do and I felt like I was missing out. Eventually it became easier and now the desire has disappeared.

You may already be able to see the effects of mindfulness in your present life. Look back at who you were five years ago. How were you different? How were you the same? What did you do to effect change in your life? How can you apply this to your current life situation to achieve your goals?

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