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mindful mini 08.23.2021: Use your favorite song

1 mindfulness technique this week

Music has a way of dancing in our minds. We can use this to our advantage to shape our self-talk.

First, consider your goals. If you want to run a marathon but are not yet a runner, you can use, “I am a runner.” If you feel like being creative with watercolors or oils then perhaps, “I am a painter.” If you have always wanted to sing for an audience, try, “I am a singer.”

Second, what is one of your favorite songs right now? Choose a song that you hear regularly.

Finally, marry your statement with your song. Replace part of the lyrics like the chorus, with your mantra. Listen to the song every day so that the words get stuck in your head. Every time you hear this song, your mindful intention will permeate your mind.

Until next week!


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