Love, Source 12.11.2022: Place Your Order

Place your order
With the Universe
Just like you do with amazon
First you think,
Oh! I need this thing
Or I want one!
So you go looking for it
And you find it
Or many

Then you scroll
Read reviews
When the price is right
You click purchase
You then expect your item to be delivered to you in 2 days
Or thereabouts
If a week passes 
And you still don’t have it
You log-in to your account
See what the hold up is 
Address the issue
And then go about living your life
Knowing that it’s on its way
To your doorstep

The Universe works the exact same way
You don’t worry about how it’s going to get to you
Which warehouse it comes from
Which delivery driver is carrying your prize
You just know that it’s on its way

Next time you start to worry
Or fret about your life
Remember – you have already placed your order
The Universe is delivering it to you.
Trust that – go live your life
And expect great things to show up at your doorstep!


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