Love, Source 01.22.2023: Rainbow Meditation

If you’re interested
In trying this simple
Practice seeing the colors
of the rainbow
In your mind’s eye

As you inhale
Imagine your breath
Enter the top of your head
Then send it down your spine
To your root chakra

Imagine your breath
Has become
A pulsating
Glowing ball
Of sparkly ruby red light
It can be spinning
or not spinning

Rest in this space
for 3 breaths
or 3 minutes
until you feel ready to move on
to the next chakra

Next, breathe in a brilliant orange
and send it to your second, or sacral chakra
Rest here for a few breaths
Seeing the orange globe shrink and grow

Continue moving up your spine
Through each energy center
Yellow for your third, or solar plexus chakra
Green for your heart chakra
Light blue for throat chakra
Purple or indigo for your third eye
White light or gold for your crown chakra

Don’t worry if you don’t see every color
or any color
You may get flashes of color
Or nothing
Just relax and see what you see

Remember you in are the body
having the experience
you are supported

Having fun yet?


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